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10 common sense of the use of refrigerated display cabinets

10 common sense of the use of refrigerated display cabinets

Before buying a freezer, buyers will compare the cost-effectiveness of various freezers on the market. At the same time, they may not know the common sense about the use of freezers.


1. The freezer needs to stand for 30 minutes for the first use. Regardless of whether it is a domestic or commercial freezer, after the freezer is purchased and transported, the freezer body needs to be kept for the first time, and let it stand for more than 30 minutes. When the refrigerant is stable, then power on and run the freezer for 3 hours, and then put them in batches. Foods that need to be kept fresh, but keep in mind that they should not be too full at one time, leaving a gap for smoother air-conditioning circulation; a slight sound of water flowing when the refrigerant flows in the pipe is a normal phenomenon.


2. Attention should be paid to the freezer placement environment. Every time the surrounding temperature of the freezer increases by 5°C, its internal power consumption will increase by 25%; the freezer is placed in a method that is stable, ventilated, protected from light, and remote heat sources, which not only has a long life of the freezer, but also saves you money!


3. The commercial function of BESTTOP freezer is more comprehensive. For commercial freezers, functions such as refrigeration, micro-freezing, freezing and quick freezing, and display should all be able to switch freely. The multi-purpose function of Hanbing freezer fans is more affordable. The multi-functional digital electronic thermostat makes your The temperature control is more precise, and the refrigeration is more assured.

4. Note that the freezer does not need to be idle for a long time. When the commercial freezer is out of service for a long time, the power supply should be cut off first, and then the inner and outer surfaces and accessories of the box should be scrubbed clean. When closing the door, a proper gap should be left to keep the freezer ventilated and dry.


5. It is safer to lock commercial refrigerators. Freezer locks are knowledgeable, insert the key into the hole to the end, and rotate it 180 clockwise to lock it firmly and firmly. The butterfly door should not be locked on one side.

6. Regulating the refrigerated state of commercial refrigerators. When the refrigerated state of the freezer is transferred to the frozen state, the refrigerated food should be taken out to avoid frost damage; when the frozen state is changed to the refrigerated state, the thermostat can be first adjusted to the refrigerated position, and then the frozen food is removed, and the empty box is balanced Dry the inner wall for about 1 hour and then put in the food that needs to be refrigerated

7. Attention should be paid to the temperature adjustment of the freezer. When the temperature outside the cabinet is higher than 25°C during freezing, an appropriate temperature is recommended to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator and reduce energy consumption.


8. Note: Do not put hot food in the freezer. Hot food should be cooled to room temperature before being stored in refrigeration, so as not to increase unnecessary power consumption, and at the same time, it is easier to bring unnecessary load to the freezer.


9. Freezer setting attention: If -18℃ is commonly used instead of -22℃ in the freezer, it can save 30% of the power consumption; the angle of opening the door should not be too large, otherwise the cooling capacity will be lost and the power consumption will also be increased. If the number of door openings per day is reduced from 10 times to 5 times, a year can save 12-15°C, and the door opening time can be reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, which can save more than 25°C.

10. The functions of BESTTOP freezer are more complete. The freezer storage effect is good. The storage period of tea is less than six months. The refrigeration temperature is the most economical and effective to maintain 0~5℃; the storage period is more than half a year, and freezing is better; storing the tea at -20℃ can maintain its quality for a long time. Excellent, protect its vitamins from being destroyed.

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