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5 ways to keep fish fresh

5 ways to keep fish fresh

Cold storage method. The fish is washed after removing the internal organs and put in the freshness cabinet, to minus 3-5 ℃ is appropriate, can maintain the freshness of the fish in 20 days.

Air-drying method. The less water the fish body contains, the more difficult it is for microbial growth. The fish will be gutted, washed and drained, placed in a bamboo basket or tied with string, hanging in a cool, ventilated place to blow dry, can be stored for a longer It can be stored for a longer time.


Live storage method. Live fish mouth a few drops of white wine, the fish basin placed in a dark place, covered with a breathable cover or a layer of wet cloth, the fish can live 3-4 days more.

Salt curing method. The fish will be cleaned and gutted, with salt rubbed all over the fish, crushed in a cool, ventilated place, the more thoroughly salted the longer the storage time. But the original taste of the fish has changed.

Frying, frying method. The fish in time to remove the viscera washed and drained, by hot oil frying or hot oil frying to golden yellow semi-finished products, placed in a cool and ventilated place, summer can be stored for 23 days, autumn can be stored for 5-10 days.

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