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Applications of Cold Storage in Food

Applications of Cold Storage in Food

With the continuous improvement of living requirements, people also have higher requirements for food preservation. 

The applications of Refrigeration

1. Refrigeration not only helps to maintain the appearance, flavor, and nutritional value of food, but also reduces the loss caused by pests, parasites, and rodents, and improves the safety of food.

2. With the continuous development of food processing technology, cold storage technology has been applied during the production process, thus improving the quality of food processing. In the process of food production, the reaction rate of some chemicals and enzymes, as well as the required metabolism and growth rate of food microorganisms are often controlled by cold storage technology, such as in the process of cheese ripening, beef tenderization, meat curing, beverage, and wine aging, etc..

3. Refrigeration can also be used in canned processing, such as improving the peeling and nucleation of peaches. The deterioration of citrus flavor in juicing and percolation can also be improved by cold storage.

4. Refrigeration can facilitate meat cutting and bread slicing and improve work efficiency, and the precipitation of waxes in edible oil can also be accomplished by this technology. Cool beverages need to be cooled before aeration in order to increase the solubility of carbon dioxide. Cold storage technology has been fully applied to many food production technologies. In the future, the application of this aspect will often be involved during food processing.

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