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Are commercial refrigerators loud?

Are commercial refrigerators loud?

First, we must understand where the noise of commercial refrigerators is generated. There are usually several reasons:


1. Compressor noise. The compressor may make a certain noise, and it will not affect the use under normal circumstances, and it will not affect the rest. If there is irregular noise, or the sound is too loud, consider replacing the compressor. The click sound when starting and closing is the action of the relay of the automatic switch, which is normal.

2. Several supporting feet of the refrigerator are directly in contact with hard ground such as ceramic tiles, which will amplify the vibration and generate noise. A piece of hard rubber can be placed under the supporting feet.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, commercial refrigerators will have a certain amount of noise due to their characteristics, but they will not affect the use in an environment other than a home. If you have household needs, it is best to choose a household refrigerator.

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