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Are undercounter fridges good?

Are undercounter fridges good?

A small refrigerator is a kind of professional storage tool used to store various foods that need to be frozen, and keep food or other items in a cold state. The cabinet or box with an ice maker for freezing is equipped with a refrigeration device. The storage boxes are widely used by various industries and families. The freezer refrigeration system is composed of 4 basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttling part and evaporator.


What are the buying skills?

 1. Power consumption

The power consumption of an electric refrigerator is also a very important performance index. However, in order to achieve the best preservation effect, it is not enough to just make a fuss about reducing power consumption, and there must be an optimized structure and refrigeration design.

 2. Freezing capacity

The refrigeration power is an important technical indicator for measuring refrigeration appliances. But the purpose of refrigeration appliances is different. The main technical performance of household refrigerators should not be refrigeration, but preservation. Excessive freezing power will not only increase electricity consumption needlessly, but also destroy the internal tissue and nutritional structure of the food. For people who pay attention to color and fragrance, preservation is the most important requirement for consumers to buy refrigerators.

 3. Appearance quality

Check the inside of the freezer: first check the door seal, because the door seal directly sees the power consumption and heat preservation effect of the freezer, and it affects the life of the refrigeration compressor. A good quality door seal has a good suction force, and when the refrigerator door is opened, there is obvious resistance. If not, the quality of the door seal is not good. The freezer compartment of the freezer is generally made of aluminum plate. Check the aluminum plate of the freezer for obvious cracks, because the lining of the freezer is made of ABS plastic plate through the vacuum forming process. Check whether there are cracks and wrinkles in the flatness, especially whether the excessive original angle is round and whether the thickness of the inner tank plating plate is uniform. When inspecting the refrigerating room, pay attention to whether the thermostat is flexible and whether the defrost button can rebound quickly when the defrost button is pressed.

In recent years, with people's pursuit of excellence in life, the requirements for kitchen refrigerators have become more and more stringent. In recent years, new styles of kitchen refrigerators have continuously appeared, and the dazzling array of kitchen refrigerators has increased the difficulty of purchase for consumers. The appearance of the kitchen refrigerator is dignified, simple and warm, so the appearance of the kitchen refrigerator is also quite important.

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