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Bacteria treatment work in the freezer

Bacteria treatment work in the freezer

Freezers are used in daily life. The main function of freezers is to refrigerate and keep food fresh. Many people usually use them improperly and cause bacteria to grow inside the freezer, especially mold. Therefore, the internal inventory must be cleaned regularly, and the expired food must also be disposed of. For the growth of bacteria, we need to do the following.


1. Clean and disinfect the refrigerator once a month. Instead of cleaning the part, clean and disinfect the entire refrigerator. Unplug the power supply before cleaning, remove the food inside, and then scrub with a clean towel. After scrubbing, open the cabinet door for ventilation.

2. Normally, food should be classified, such as raw and cooked food should be stored separately. The upper temperature of the freezer is the most stable, and leftovers, quick food, etc. are placed.

3. Use plastic wrap for vegetables and fruits. For the purchased vegetables and fruits, we need to clean them first, then wrap them in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator. Vegetables are generally stored for no more than three days.

4. Eggs should be placed in a specific location. There is a special storage area in the refrigerator. Try to isolate the eggs from other foods because there are many contaminants in the eggs.

5. The freezer should be defrosted regularly, as the cooling effect will be slow after the frost layer, and the required power consumption will increase.

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