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Kitchen Reach In & Under Counter

Kitchen Reach In & Under Counter

BESTTOP Refrigerator is used in professional kitchens, efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, creating healthy and safe kitchens. Used in various tea and catering chains, the overall modular unit makes maintenance more convenient. 

BESTTOP commercial glass fridges are used in the supply chain of vegetables and fruits, and can quickly cool down under high-frequency door opening and closing scenarios. Self-closing door design improves the work efficiency of the chef. BESTTOP reach in fridge and commercial under counter fridge appearance accepts customization.  

Transportation Precautions of Catering Equipment Fridge

1.When transport the catering equipment fridge, you should lift the bottom foot, but can not grab the door handle or force on the table and condenser, not to mention dragging on the ground.

2.The maximum tilt angle of the box can not exceed 45 degrees, not to mention inverted or placed horizontally, otherwise it will damage the compressor or make the compressor in the fridge oil into the refrigeration pipeline, affecting refrigeration, and easy to cause the compressor off spring.

3.During transportation, prevent bumping and violent vibration and prevent rain and water immersion.

Catering equipment fridge and catering industry 

With the continuous development of China’s economy, and a not high entrants threshold to catering industry, more and more entrepreneurs come into the catering industry, such as the rise of the Internet catering in recent years. Community around the restaurant fast food stores are spring up. Thus, as the terminal equipment of the catering industry, catering equipment fridge, commercial coolers and display cabinets bear the dual function of food storage and products on display. In the rapid development of the catering industry today and in the future, catering equipment fridge plays a more important role. People’s living standards and awareness of food safety are improving. Cold storage can ensure the freshness of ingredients. To increase store turnover, it it the best way to buy catering equipment fridge for fruit stores, snack stores, fast food stores, supermarkets.

Placing position of catering equipment fridge

The location of the non-display type catering equipment fridge is relatively fixed and suitable to be placed: 

Far from the heat source, to avoid it has been heat dissipation has been working.

In a dry place to avoid moisture in the pipeline.

Put on the horizontal ground to keep the compressor working level.

Not too close to the wall otherwise affect the heat dissipation function, at least 20cm above. The line also needs space.

The location of the display catering equipment fridge will be a little complicated, the principle is similar to the non-display type. But at the same time to meet the conditions under below: 

Customers can see the door directly opposite, more visible position.

Fixed route, the customer must pass through the road. By the cashier's desk, a place that can never be missed.

The surface must be painted in such a way that the customer can recognize the contents of the sale at a glance, for cold drinks, the cold drink paint, and for wine, the brand of wine paint.

Five storage recommendations of catering equipment fridge 

Avoid overpacking

Keep your refrigerator clean

Keep food sealed

Confirm shelf life

Clean the refrigerator frequently

Food is cooled by cold air circulation, too thick packaging will reduce the cooling effect and electricity consumption. Similarly, it is better not to stuff the whole refrigerator full, which will affect the flow of cold air.

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