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  • Why is it not cold in the freezer? 07 27,2021 1. The ambient temperature is too highBe careful when buying a freezer. The climate example of the freezer is very important. If the summer temperature is high, it is best to use a freezer that can ad... VIEW
  • How Does Commercial Refrigeration Work? 07 27,2021 Customers in the frozen and refrigerated food processing industry, food trade, catering and consumer sectors have high requirements for the quality of frozen and refrigerated food. VIEW
  • Collect the time for refrigerating various common foods! 07 26,2021 Different food refrigeration time and temperature are different, otherwise it will spoil the food. Today, let me learn about the time and temperature of various food refrigeration with the editor. VIEW
  • Which food should not be put in the freezer? 07 26,2021 I am accustomed to big purchases on weekends and put all the food I bought back in the freezer. In fact, the freezer is not a safe for food. It cannot guarantee that all foods are kept fresh, and some foods should not be put in the freezer. VIEW
  • How to choose air-cooled or direct-cooled refrigerator? 07 25,2021 When buying a refrigerator, many people often don't know how to choose. At present, there are two main cooling methods for refrigerators on the market, namely direct cooling and air cooling. Air cooling and direct cooling have always been a hot topic in refrigerators. VIEW
  • How to de-icing a supermarket freezer? 07 25,2021 ​When a customer buys a direct cooling freezer, how to de-icer the supermarket freezer, freezer? VIEW
  • What Causes The Stainless Steel Commercial Fridge To Freeze? 07 24,2021 Refrigerator freezer is a place to freeze food, but we all know a problem, then the refrigerator is always icing, and the refrigerator is always icing will need to waste more electricity, for the refr... VIEW
  • What is Commercial Refrigeration Typically Used For? 07 23,2021 Commercial Refrigeration is essential for most food producers and catering establishments to ensure the safe storage of high quality ingedients, maximising freshness and reducing waste. VIEW
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