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Reach In Fridge is More Than Just Stuffing the Refrigerator into the Cabinet

Reach In Fridge is More Than Just Stuffing the Refrigerator into the Cabinet

In the past two years, reach in fridge have gradually attracted the attention of consumers. In addition, the design, use, and tone of traditional refrigerators can no longer meet the individual needs of young consumer groups, so reach in fridge are becoming more and more popular.  However, don't simply think that as long as the refrigerator is placed in the cabinet, it is a reach in fridge. In fact, there are still many important details worthy of our attention.

1. What is a reach in fridge?

The reach in fridge must not only have the functions of a traditional refrigerator, but it also requires that the refrigerator can be organically integrated and perfectly matched in design and function with other appliances and cabinets in the kitchen.  Moreover, people can visually regard the kitchen as a whole, and feel the high-end beauty and modern fashion sense of the kitchen.

2. What are the recommended advantages of reach in fridge compared to free-standing refrigerators?

(1) The reach in fridges have higher space utilization.

(2) The reach in fridge can effectively prevent dust and is easy to clean.

(3) The fit between the reach in fridge and the cabinet is more perfect.

(4) The heat dissipation of the reach in fridge is more scientific.

In addition to being functional equivalent to traditional refrigerators, the reach in fridge is very beautiful in terms of effect.  Moreover, it is necessary to reserve 2 to 30 cm of heat dissipation space on both sides of the traditional refrigerator, and there is no need to reserve space for the built-in refrigerators, which can save about 60 cm of space.

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