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Can food be kept fresh in the refrigerator?

Can food be kept fresh in the refrigerator?

It can only inhibit microbial growth

Putting food in the refrigerator doesn't mean it can be kept fresh for a long time! The reason why the refrigerator has the effect of prolonging the shelf life of food is that low temperature can inhibit microbial activity and avoid its rapid growth and reproduction in a short time. However, because some low-temperature spoilage bacteria or low-temperature pathogens can grow slowly at 0 ~ 5 ℃, it is still difficult to ensure that the food materials will not be corrupted and deteriorated even if they are refrigerated at low temperature.


Most importantly, once the food materials are not properly preserved, it will not only lead to food taste and nutrient loss, but also cause a large number of bacteria and microorganisms. If you eat it carelessly, it may lead to gastroenteritis, upper body, diarrhea, gastrointestinal and other discomfort; Serious may even cause food poisoning, and in addition to the above symptoms, it will lead to abdominal colic, fever, dehydration, shock, death and other reactions.

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