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Can food be kept fresh permanently in the freezer?

Can food be kept fresh permanently in the freezer?

Experts remind us that the common temperature of food preserved in the freezer is about 4 degrees to 8 degrees, in this environment, most of the bacteria growth rate will be significantly slower. However, "cold-loving bacteria" can still grow in an environment of 0 degrees to 20 degrees. This means that they still keep growing and multiplying in the cold freezer, becoming the culprit of food contamination. Listeria monocytogenes, for example, not only does not die at such temperatures, but also begins to thrive. If you accidentally eat these infected food, the light will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and other intestinal diseases, more serious will lead to sepsis. Moreover, the infectivity of such fungi and bacteria is extremely strong will cross-contaminate the food in the freezer, spoilage and so on.

BESTTOP freezer temperature is generally maintained at 18 degrees up and down, at such temperature, most of the bacteria will be inhibited or killed, the food stored in the BESTTOP freezer has a very good preservation effect. But freezing is not to say completely killed, there are some bacteria in the long evolutionary process, has long been strong body still can be stubborn to survive.



Every kind of food has a shelf life, but at different temperatures the shelf life is different, so it does not mean that after put into the Bonnier freezer does not need to be managed again. Generally speaking, the shelf life of raw meat is 1-2 days, fruits and vegetables are 3-5 days. Eggs are stored in the freezer for 15 days more. Green leafy vegetables are best not eaten after 5 days of refrigeration, even if they are not discolored. In the freezer, it is best not to store fish for more than two months. If the meat is frozen yellow, indicating that the fat has been oxidized, it is best to discard.

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