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Can fresh milk be stored directly in the freezer?

Can fresh milk be stored directly in the freezer?

Some friends like to drink a cup of milk in the morning, which is nutritious and healthy. Milk is the most commonly drunk in daily life. The milk sold in the market is packaged in cartons or in paper bags. This type of packaged milk has a shelf life It is relatively long, and the packaging and storage time of another kind of fresh milk are different. Please read the following about the preservation method of fresh milk.


First of all, fresh milk can be stored directly in the refrigerator of the freezer, mainly because the fresh milk we buy on the market is generally pasteurized or sold by some farmers. These two types of fresh milk It is recommended to drink it on the day of purchase. If it is not finished, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator of the freezer for a short period of time (24 hours). The fresh milk can be boiled the next day when drinking to avoid it. Deteriorating situation.

There is also a more troublesome way of preservation: pour the fresh milk that will come from the purchase into a clean small pot and use Xiaohuo to slowly boil it until it boils. After this treatment, the fresh milk can still be drunk in time. Leave it overnight and wait until tomorrow to continue drinking, but this method of preserving fresh milk also has certain disadvantages: for example, it is only suitable for colder seasons, and in high-temperature summers, do not consider this way of preserving fresh milk, which is prone to deterioration.

Preserve fresh milk according to your actual situation, but no matter which way it is, you can’t store it for a long time. The best way is to drink it on the day of purchase, which is not only nutritious and healthy.

Remember that you cannot choose to put it in the freezer of the freezer in order to extend the shelf life of the fresh milk. This will destroy the protein structure contained in the fresh milk, and even if it is thawed afterwards, it will not have the original nutritional value.

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