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Can red wine be put in the freezer like beer?

Can red wine be put in the freezer like beer?

Although both red wine and beer belong to wine, the two kinds of wine are different in the way of preservation. Beer can be directly put in the freezer for refrigeration, while red wine has certain requirements for its temperature, and can not be directly put in the freezer for refrigeration. Please read the following for details.


Under normal circumstances, the best temperature for red wine is between 12-18 degrees, the maximum temperature should not exceed 20 degrees, and the minimum temperature should not be lower than 0 degrees. Therefore, it is recommended that we store red wine in the wine cellar. If conditions do not allow, we can choose to store it in a ventilated and cool place.

Red wine is also a popular wine in my daily life. Some people like to chill when drinking red wine. In fact, red wine can be chilled, but we should grasp the degree. 18 degree is the best temperature for drinking red wine. Too low or too high temperature will affect the taste and lose the original quality.

When the temperature of red wine is relatively high, we will feel more dull and difficult to swallow in the process of drinking. It's better to drink a bottle of mineral water. In this case, we need to put red wine in a bucket mixed with ice water for 15 to 20 minutes, and then drink it for better taste. Remember not to stay too long, when the temperature is too low, it will inhibit the emission of red wine, aggravate the astringency and bad taste.

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