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Can the air-cooled frost-free freezer hold ice cream?

Can the air-cooled frost-free freezer hold ice cream?

There are currently two freezer refrigeration methods on the market. They are direct cooling, but frost or icing may occur during use. The other is an air-cooled style. There will be no frost or icing in a fan-operated freezer.


When the temperature reaches the freezing point of ice cream, whether it is an air-cooled frost-free freezer or a direct-cooled frost-free freezer, ice cream can be stored. Whether the ice cream can be stored in the freezer for a long time and whether it is frosted or air-cooled The direct relationship is only related to the temperature presented by the final freezer and whether the insulation performance meets the standard. The air-cooled frost-free of the freezer refers to the cooling method.

When storing ice cream, it should be noted that the freezing or freezing temperature of ice cream must reach the range of minus 18 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it may cause the ice cream to melt. When the temperature is lower than minus 18 degrees, It doesn't matter. After all, ice cream is a low-temperature preserved food.


Secondly, when ice cream is stored in the freezer, it is recommended not to cut off the power during the operation. If there is a sudden power failure or no cooling, it is recommended not to open the door of the freezer as much as possible to prevent the air-conditioning in the freezer from leaking, and to ensure that the ice cream is in a certain There will be no melting and deformation within the time, which will affect subsequent sales.

When the freezer you buy is a direct-cooling refrigeration method, it is recommended to clean up in time if there is a large amount of frost in the freezer, so as to avoid affecting the subsequent cooling effect or causing a large amount of power consumption. Finally, I need to remind everyone that no matter what kind of freezer you use, you must know how to cherish and maintain it frequently, so that you can use the freezer for a longer time.

The above content is about the question of whether the air-cooled frost-free freezer can be loaded with ice cream. If you have any questions or incomprehensions, please feel free to inquire and understand, thank you for your patience!

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