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Causes and solutions of water accumulation in the freezer

Causes and solutions of water accumulation in the freezer

During the use of the freezer, there should be no accumulation of water except for a certain amount of frost in the descaling: the outside of the box and the ground around the box should also be kept relatively clean and dry, and there should be no accumulation of water. When there is water in the box and on the ground, it not only affects the appearance, food storage and cooling effect, but also may cause damage to the insulation of electrical parts. Too much water in the box and on the ground is mainly due to the following reasons:

⑴The water receiving pan is filled with water, overflowing to the ground, so that there is water on the ground around the box.

⑵ There is too much water in the evaporator at the bottom of the box, and it flows to the ground.

⑶ Press the water tray or the evaporator not to be placed in the right position, deviated, slanted or not placed in place, so that the water will flow out.

⑷ Due to the poor quality of the water receiving pan or evaporator, it is subject to low temperature (refers to the water receiving pan), high temperature (refers to the evaporator), aging, cracking, or being damaged and leaking.

⑸ The drainage pipe is blocked, and the defrosted water cannot be introduced into the drain pan and the evaporator, but flows into it.

⑹There are foods with high water content in the box, such as large pieces of meat, fruits and vegetables that have not been drained.

⑺ The anti-freezing and defrosting devices of the freezer are damaged. In the humid season, the hot air condenses into dew on the outer surface of the door and flows into the ground.

In view of the above situation, users should analyze the reasons and try to eliminate them. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Pour out the water in the drip tray in time.

2. Pour out the accumulated water in the evaporator in time.

3. Put the water receiving pan and the evaporator in the right position, so that the water in the tank can accurately flow into the water receiving pan and the evaporator.

4. Repair the broken drain pan and evaporator, and replace the new ones if they cannot be repaired.

5. Circulation drainage pipes. If the user cannot handle it by himself, please ask a professional to solve it.

6. Drain the water from the food, and then store it in the box, or store it in a bag.

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