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Changes in the starch of fruits and vegetables in the freezer

Changes in the starch of fruits and vegetables in the freezer

In fact, in the freezer refrigerated frozen fruits and vegetables, which is to inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, and thus prevent the loss of vitamins, starch, sugar in fruits and vegetables. Here today, let the price of freezers to tell you some knowledge about starch, and its impact on fruits and vegetables. First of all, let's look at the definition of starch, starch belongs to the polysaccharide class, which is composed of countless molecules of simple sugars. Fruits in immature contains more starch, with the maturity of the fruit and reduce, and even fully mature fruit without starch, such as citrus fruit after maturity, no starch exists in the fruit. Unripe bananas contain starch up to 68 nicks of dry matter mass, but do not contain monosaccharides and sucrose. Bananas are harvested and ripened with ethylene glycol, and the starch is broken down by enzymes into glucose and fructose, so the harvested bananas have to be ripened to increase the sweetness afterwards.

Then the freezer in the fruit and vegetable starch is white powder, is made of glucose molecules water loss condensation and polysaccharide, large relative molecular mass, at room temperature insoluble in water, but when the water temperature rises above 53 ℃, the physical properties of starch changes significantly, its volume can increase 40 - 60 times or greater, that is, high-temperature swelling, this expansion split to form a uniform, viscous colloidal paste solution process called starch paste.

There are two kinds of natural starch in freezer price: one is straight chain structure, called straight chain starch; the other has branches in the structure, called branched chain starch. The latter has a larger relative molecular mass than the former. The two due to the molecular structure and relative molecular mass of different properties, such as straight-chain starch is easily soluble in hot water, forming a less viscous solution, can not be fermented to make wine. All bean starches are straight-chain starches. Branched chain starch dissolves in water only under heating and pressure, forming a very viscous solution. Among vegetables, potatoes have the highest starch content (20%), while fruits, except bananas, contain basically none. High starch content of raw materials, processed into clear juice type cans or fruit and vegetable juice will cause precipitation, and even juice into paste, which is the starch paste. Paste the starch will be further aging (coagulation), can use amylase will be starch hydrolysis. These are the starch contained in fruits and vegetables in the freezer, and its properties.

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