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Choose the right refrigerated fridge according to the function

Choose the right refrigerated fridge according to the function

Refrigerator is the basis of modern home life in food preservation and storage, many vegetables and meat are inseparable from the refrigerator, the purchase of suitable refrigerator will directly affect the health of food and preservation effect. Generally speaking, the purchase of refrigerated cabinets should consider the use of refrigerated cabinets, effective volume, refrigerator performance, service life and expenses and several other aspects, the following is to introduce you to the use of refrigerated cabinets on the purchase of the impact of.

1, the market currently has many kinds of refrigerated cabinets to choose from, such as dual-temperature double box (with a freezer and freezer), dual-temperature conversion (refrigerated and frozen in the same room conversion), horizontal display cabinets, vertical display cabinets, living room cabinets, wine cabinets, etc..

2, double temperature conversion and double temperature double box refrigerator: suitable for general household and commercial. Depending on the storage food situation to choose is with the freezer room freezer room (double temperature double box) are available, or only a room refrigerated and frozen to convert each other (double temperature conversion).

General vegetables need to be refrigerated fresh function, and meat need to be frozen preservation, so usually choose refrigerator need to refrigerate and freeze two functions in one. For home wine storage, you can choose a special wine cabinet.

3, small refrigerator: volume in 100 liters or less refrigerator can be collectively referred to as small refrigerator. Occupy small space, and beautiful appearance, suitable for the need for more, more frequent use of the freezer family, and refrigerator with the use.

4, car refrigerator: now the car gradually popularized every family, the demand for car refrigerator is also more and more, there are specially placed on the car small refrigerator, can meet the daily and travel needs.

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