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Cleaning and disinfection maintenance of fruit and vegetable cabinets

Cleaning and disinfection maintenance of fruit and vegetable cabinets

Vegetable and fruit preservation cabinets can be seen everywhere in restaurants and supermarkets, which is the preservation of cooked food and consumer selection. Long time to use the fresh cabinet, the cabinet will have dirt, need to be cleaned, or there will be odor. So how to carry out the cleaning of the fresh cabinet?

1, press the cleaning key, the material cylinder pulp all discharge, in accordance with the stop button.

2, with the right amount of warm water plus sterilization solution, pour it into the barrel, the same amount of water in both barrels.

3、Press the cleaning key and stir for about 1-2 minutes to discharge the cleaning liquid.

4、Wash with water 2-3 times, and then stop.

5, turn off the fresh cabinet power, disassemble and clean the parts.

6, scrubbing, you can use a warm wet rag with a small amount of neutral detergent scrubbing, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth, do not use boiling water, acid and alkaline detergent, organic solvent washing or brush scrubbing.

7, do not directly wash by hand.

8, after cleaning, to check the power plug and power cord whether there is damage.

9, the power plug firmly inserted, check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position. If the fresh cabinet for a long time, should be unplugged, the vegetable and fruit fresh cabinet clean, dry the interior, and the refrigerator placed in a dry and ventilated.

10, with a warm towel sassafras body, remove the stain, not water rinse, so as not to electrical failure.

Hot summer, for the life of the fresh cabinet is now inseparable, cold drinks, fruits and vegetables, snacks, cooked food preservation are inseparable from the fresh cabinet, it makes our life more convenient, but also to ensure the safety of food. But we also need to pay attention to the safety and hygiene of the fresh cabinet.

Although the appearance of the food in the fresh cabinet still looks fresh, if a long time storage is deteriorating. For cooked meat food in the fresh cabinet storage time should not exceed 4 days.

The common refrigeration temperature for preserving food in the crisper is 4 to 8°C. In this environment, most of the bacteria growth will slow down. However, some bacteria are cold, such as Yersinia pestis, Listeria monocytogenes, etc. in this temperature, but can quickly grow and multiply, if you eat food infected with such bacteria, it will cause intestinal disease.

Fresh cabinet freezer, the temperature is generally in the minus 18 ℃ or so, in this temperature, the general bacteria will be inhibited or killed, so the food stored in this has a better preservation role. But freezing is not the same as being able to completely sterilize, there are still some bacteria with a strong resistance to freezing will survive. So, from another point of view, the fresh cabinet if not often disinfection, but will become a breeding ground for some bacteria.

Any food in the fresh cabinet storage time is not too long, it is best to do with the purchase of food, because the storage time is too long, not only affect the freshness of food, but also easy to produce odor. There are some fruits, such as bananas, apples, etc., if put for a long time is also easy to deteriorate, once deteriorated will give off a harmful gas. Also note that the food in the crisper should not be stored too much, which will make the food's external temperature is low while the internal temperature is high leading to deterioration.

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