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Cold cabinet door seal aging replacement method

Cold cabinet door seal aging replacement method

Refrigerator as a refrigeration appliance, have a service life, use a certain number of years, the parts within the freezer may be aging, if you find that the refrigeration effect of the freezer worse, it is likely that the freezer door seal aging, resulting in sealing is not tight, cold gas leakage, seriously affect the refrigeration effect. Found that the freezer door seal aging, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Demolition display freezer door seal method is: the freezer door seal turned up, with a cross screwdriver to all fixed door seal screws one by one to remove, and then the door seal from the door liner pull open to take down.

Installation, first the door seal set in the door liner around, and then attached to the inside of the door, good original fixed hole position, first in the upper side with screws fixed, and then tighten the screws on the diagonal position. Before tightening the screws to pay attention to the flat volt and location of the door seal. After installation, close the door, open it and check the sealing between the door and the box. If the seal is not good due to poor installation, the screws in the 2-3 of the bad part of the door seal should be loosened for adjustment.

If the door seal deformation caused by, then you can use the electric hair dryer heating for shaping. If the door seal is not sealed at the corners, the corner of the door seal can be turned up and filled with the right amount of foam. After installation, to open and close the door experiment a number of times to test whether it can open and close freely.

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