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Collect the time for refrigerating various common foods!

Collect the time for refrigerating various common foods!

Different food refrigeration time and temperature are different, otherwise it will spoil the food. Today, let me learn about the time and temperature of various food refrigeration with the editor.


Food refrigeration time

Boiled eggs: Under normal circumstances, the time can be relatively long, generally the period of refrigeration is one week. Therefore, if you have passed this time, it is recommended that you do not eat anymore, because bacteria have already invaded.

Milk: The general refrigeration time is five days. If the time is longer, some high-life bacteria in the cold storage room will also enter the milk, leading to the phenomenon of milk deterioration. Therefore, milk should also pay attention to time.

Yogurt: Because it is an acidic environment, it has a sterilizing effect. Therefore, if the general yogurt is refrigerated, the recommended time is the longest, which is ten days, which cannot be longer.

Fish meat: At this time, if you refrigerate it, you can only refrigerate it for one or two days. If it takes too long, the fish will deteriorate. And if you freeze it, the time can be longer, sometimes as long as half a year, and the fish will not be bad.

Beef: The general refrigeration time is also the longest in two days. If it grows longer, the milk will also experience some bacterial deterioration. If you freeze it, it can reach three months.

Chicken: If it needs to be refrigerated, the time can be longer, usually three days. But remember, at this time, there should be no water on the surface of your chicken, otherwise the time may be shorter. And if it is to be frozen, it will generally last for a year.

Other foods: For example, canned foods, if you do not open them, the refrigeration time will be longer, and it will not be bad for a year. Therefore, this can be safely refrigerated. And if it is fruit, it depends on the way you bought it at the time. Generally, it is like a week, so you can't put it anymore.

So, what is the temperature of refrigerated food?

Food refrigeration temperature

The common refrigeration temperature for storing food in the refrigerator is 4°C to 8°C. In this environment, the growth of most bacteria will slow down. However, some bacteria are psychrophilic, such as Yersinia, Listeria, etc., which can grow and multiply rapidly at this temperature. If food infected with these bacteria is eaten, it will cause intestinal diseases. In the freezer of the refrigerator, the temperature is generally around minus 18°C. At this temperature, bacteria are generally inhibited or killed, so the food stored in it has a better fresh-keeping effect. But freezing does not mean that it can be completely sterilized, and some bacteria with strong antifreeze ability will survive. Therefore, from another point of view, if the refrigerator is not frequently disinfected, it will become a breeding ground for some bacteria.

Finally, it should be noted that there should not be too much food in the refrigerator.


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