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Commercial Freezer Units

Commercial Freezer Units

                   BESTTOP solid door Reach-in freezer, have 2-door, 4-door, 6-door.  Perfect temperature consistency with its innovative airflow design that encircles the food and ensures its proper conservation. With energy-saving settings, When the door is opened, the fan stops to prevent cold air from blowing out, saving energy. Super energy saving, national level 2 energy consumption.                    

STANDARD FEATURES of Commercial Freezer Units:

◆ Polyurethane high-pressure foaming, the box is more stable, and the heat preservation performance is better;

◆ Microcomputer temperature display, easy to control;

◆ The freezer is equipped with a lock, which is safe and convenient;

◆ Mainly applicable to hotels, canteens and restaurants.

OPTIONAL FEATURES of Commercial Freezer Units:

  • Adjustable legs.                     

  • Caster Wheels.

  • Additional shelves.

Adjustable legs    Caster Wheels


ModelCooling typeClassificationCabinet DimensionsNet Volume   (liters)RefrigerantTemperature(℃)Power(W)

Kitchen refrigerators, also known as kitchen freezers, are low-temperature storage equipment used in the catering industry to store ingredients. Since the kitchen refrigerator is used in the back kitchen and has to be in contact with food and raw materials, it should have the characteristics of wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire prevention, antibacterial, and sanitation. Therefore, the kitchen refrigerator is generally made of stainless steel. Kitchen refrigerators are generally divided into desktops, two doors, four doors, six doors, etc. according to the structure and door. The increase in the door of the kitchen refrigerator indicates that the number of spaces divided into different temperature ranges in the cabinet has increased, making the function of the kitchen refrigerator more likely Perfect, items with different storage temperature requirements can be accessed in different doors, which can reduce mutual interference of stored items and help reduce cold air leakage.

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