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Commercial kitchen refrigerator use matters needing attention

Commercial kitchen refrigerator use matters needing attention

1. Safety precautions of commercial kitchen refrigerator

(1) A single-phase three pole power socket must be used, and the grounding terminal of the socket must be reliably grounded.

(2) Flammable, volatile and toxic substances cannot be put into the refrigerator.

(3) Please do not place the power cord on the sidewalk, and do not place heavy objects and objects with sharp edges above or below the cord.

(4) The mobile commercial kitchen refrigerator must be powered off first. When cleaning the inner and outer boxes, please do not flush with water to prevent water from flowing to the electrical components and causing accidents.

(5) If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer's repair department or professional personnel.


2Points for attention when using commercial kitchen refrigerator

(1) Temperature controller

The temperature controller knob of the refrigerator is set at the common position when the product leaves the factory. If you want to change the box temperature, you can adjust the temperature controller of the refrigerator.

(2) When the refrigerator is in use

After the power is plugged in, the refrigeration unit starts to work. After about 1-2 hours of operation, wait until the temperature in the box is fully cooled before putting in the items. When not in use, please be sure to pull off the power plug. After the power plug is pulled out, please wait for more than five minutes, then it can be inserted again. If it is inserted immediately, the compressor will not be started, or it will be damaged in serious cases.

(3) Please try to reduce the number of door opening

After storing and accessing food, close the door as soon as possible, so as to avoid the loss of air-conditioning, which can cause the temperature of commercial kitchen refrigerator to rise too fast. Note that if the box door is not closed tightly, the compressor will always open, and the compressor will burn out after a long time.

(4) Defrost

After a period of operation of micro freezer, the frost will gradually thicken. When the frost thickness exceeds 5mm, the refrigeration effect will be affected, so defrosting must be carried out. There is no need to defrost the refrigerator manually. When defrosting, turn off the power, open the refrigerator door of commercial kitchen and take out the food.

(5) Clean up

When the dirt in the shell and cabinet is serious, please clean it regularly, use a cloth with neutral detergent to remove the dirt, and then wipe it with a clean dry cloth.

(6) The radiator of the condenser is blocked

If the heat dissipation is poor, the cooling effect will decrease. Clean the condenser of commercial kitchen refrigerator at least once a month. Cut off the power supply and clean the dust with a brush.

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