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Commercial Refrigerator Suppliers

Commercial Refrigerator Suppliers

BESTTOP dual temperature reach in. There are two half door, 4 door models. Chiller temperature 0~8℃, freezer temperature -12~-18℃. 360-degree universal wheel design, easy to move. Environmentally friendly liner and shelf. One refrigerator solves all the problems of refrigeration and freezing.

Width (mm)1230
Depth (mm)760
Height (mm)2005
Weight (Kgs)155

STANDARD FEATURES of Dual Temperature Reach In

• BESTTOP ventilated Reach-ins with high functionality for a professional kitchen.

• Wire shelves loading capacity more than 40Kg.

• Self-closing door.

• Integrated stainless steel handle,ensures practical opening of the door that avoids dust and dirt collection.

• Standard with Locks.

• Stable operation at an ambient temperature of 43 degrees Celsius. Climate Class 5.

• Temperature range of -5˚C to 8˚C on refrigerators and -12˚C to -22˚C on freezers.

OPTIONAL FEATURES of Dual Temperature Reach In

• Adjustable legs.

• Caster Wheels

• Additional shelves.

Adjustable legs  Caster Wheels

Equipment Specifications of Dual Temperature Reach In


Cooling type


Cabinet Dimensions

Net Volume   (litres)









Refrigerator, Freezer





R134a, R404a

-2~+8, -12~-18


Details of dual temperature reach in

BESTTOP dual temperature reach in is your best choice. It has a dual temperature design with a refrigerated section and freezer section so that you can store fresh and frozen foods in the same unit to save space. The exterior and interior are made of stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. Additionally, inside, dual temperature reach in has top and side air distribution dusts that make sure proper air circulation, to make the same temperature of the whole cabinet. 

Advantages of Dual Temperature Reach In Freezer and Refrigerator

Saving space: investing in dual temp refrigeration can save floor space, and if your restaurant doesn't need too much refrigerated storage, dual temp refrigeration may provide just enough storage space without taking up extra space in your kitchen. 

Efficient: dual temp refrigeration is very efficient and can help you save electricity bills. Many dual temp refrigeration groups contain two cooling systems, but operate on one power supply, ultimately reducing your energy use. 

Lower upfront cost: the general initial investment will be less than buying two separate units to accomplish the same task and taking into account the transportation cost of two independent units, dual temp refrigeration may eventually become a cheaper and more convenient option in the long run. 

Reduce overall maintenance concerns: in terms of maintenance, the fewer opportunities for problems, the better for the business. Ideally, dual temp refrigeration reduces the final maintenance and service costs by limiting the possibility of failure to one device. However, while dual temp refrigeration may save money, don't rely on single dual temp refrigeration.

Commercial Refrigerator Suppliers Detail Display

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Compressor System.jpg
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