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Coolers are not just for preserving food, there are more uses for coolers!

Coolers are not just for preserving food, there are more uses for coolers!

Refrigerators and freezers are the best place to store food, but there's more to a low-temperature environment than just prolonging food storage.

Preserve cosmetics and masks

In the existing cosmetics and mask ingredients, many contain active ingredients, and active ingredients in a low-temperature environment can be better refrigerated, so sealed masks and cosmetics in the freezer refrigerator preservation can be better fresh.

Fermented bread

In a low temperature environment, the activity of yeast will be reduced and the fermentation process of bread will be slowed down. In general, the slower the fermentation of bread, the better its flavor.

Softened lipstick

Recently, the temperature has been high and lip balm left in a hot environment will become soft. The reason for this is that the beeswax in lip balm is softened by high temperatures. At this time, the softened balm will be put into the cold environment of the cooler or refrigerator, and it will be able to return to its original hardness.

Cleaning the hood oil net

The oil net inside the hood is a big problem when cleaning at home. The thick oil on the net is extremely difficult to clean and often requires a long soak in hot water and a lot of surfactant spraying to get a slight improvement. In fact, there is no need to make such a big effort, just wrap the oil net into the freezer, and when the oil on the net is completely frozen, tap its surface to separate the oil from the net, and then clean it again after it is separated is much easier.

Chewing gum stain cleaning

It is often difficult to clean clothes stained by chewing gum, but put it into the freezer, the gum will be frozen hard and can be easily scraped off.

Moths in the pages of books

Freezing can also freeze the moths inside the pages of books. Carefully collected expensive books, time to put a long time often grow moths, then you can wrap the book into the freezer for half a day, the moths can not survive at low temperatures, the moths in the book will be cleaned up.


New stockings can be placed in a freezer or refrigerator for a few days to enhance the toughness of the stockings. Freezing increases the strength of the fibers in the stocking, which significantly increases the life of the stocking, and freezes the stocking so that it is less prone to threads than a normal stocking, thus increasing its toughness and the life of the stocking.

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