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Counter Freezer Commercial Purchase Points

Counter Freezer Commercial Purchase Points

The working principle of the counter freezer commercial 

Refrigerator and air conditioning refrigeration principle is the same. Detailed working principles are not repeated, the internal components are good or bad, as consumers we can not intuitively judge.

We look at their rooms as a large "freezer", air conditioning constantly move the heat inside the house to the outside world. As shown, we can treat the freezer cabinet as an air conditioner inside, the external cooling device as an air conditioner outside.

Freezer VS Refrigerator

Freezers (freezers) are more suitable for commercial use, commercial freezers can even lower the temperature to -65 ℃. But the small size of the freezer as a home freezer (refrigerator), is also an excellent choice.

Freshness: in the freshness of the ingredients, whether from the number or from the refrigeration capacity of the freezer are slightly better, but this does not mean that the refrigerator is worse than the freezer.

Aesthetics: refrigerator design focus on aesthetics, the overall to and suitable for home design. More focused on the home city due to the fine management of ingredients is more advantageous.

Business value: freezer then is the large capacity of placing food. Like supermarkets, small stores, convenience stores can be seen everywhere freezers placed fresh food and drink. Commercial use value is greater.

The freezer purchase points

1. As a backup or the main use?

Standby: single temperature control, one storage room main use: ordinary models.

Double temperature control, two storage rooms for main use: high-end models, vertical, multi-temperature control, stratification

2. What is the capacity of the freezer?

Freezers without stratification, greatly improving the utilization of space, 40L per capita is enough. Capacity = the number of users * 40L3. priority choice with defrost function freezer freezer horizontal structure increases the difficulty of cleaning, defrost but also all the items out, bending action too often, tired!

The latter three points: freezing capacity, energy consumption, noise, for freezers, but can do better than refrigerators. Freezer without stratification box, more conducive to insulation layer overall process production, better insulation; top door way, better retain the box internal cold air; both on energy consumption, freezing capacity have a great addition. A price of about 1K freezer, in freezing capacity and energy consumption can hang 2-3K refrigerator.

The difference between vertical freezers and horizontal freezers

Freezers mainly vertical freezers and horizontal freezers. The main design of the vertical freezer is the drawer type shelves, layered design, placing items more orderly, plus its refrigeration method is air-cooled, not easy to frost. In the display of items also do a better job, so that people intuitively understand to see the goods, increasing the desire to buy. Horizontal freezers mainly store fresh food, with greater capacity and stronger refrigeration.

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