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Daily maintenance of the fresh-keeping refrigerator

Daily maintenance of the fresh-keeping refrigerator

Everyone knows that once the service life of the fresh-keeping refrigerator is a little longer, the effect will become worse. Then, how to extend its service life and maintain the effect? This is inseparable from his daily maintenance, like supermarket insurance. The fresh-keeping refrigerator has a large adaptability and has a lot of things to store. It should pay more attention to its maintenance. Today we will take the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator as an example to talk about the daily maintenance of the fresh-keeping cabinet.


1. When the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator is used for the first time, run it empty for 1-2 hours, turn it off when the operation reaches a stable state, and then turn it on after adding food;

2. All the fresh-keeping refrigerators adopt fully automatic digital display numerical control microcomputer thermometers. In order to prevent frequent power-on and power failure (or frequent switch on and off) to protect the compressor, the compressor will start with a delay of two minutes after all products are turned on (although there is a delay protection , But don’t switch on and off frequently);

3. The temperature of the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator has been adjusted and locked when it leaves the factory, and generally does not need to be adjusted;

4. When storing items in supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerators, handle with care and do not throw items into the cabinet to avoid damage to the inner wall;

5. Keep a certain distance between the front and rear close to the refrigerator wall. Do not place food too close to the air outlet. Keep a proper gap when placing goods to facilitate convection of air-conditioning and uniform temperature.

6. The ambient temperature of the refrigerator of the supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet should be lower than 32℃ (the design ambient temperature of the air curtain cabinet is +25℃), and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or used in the oven.

7. At least more than 100mm space should be left behind the refrigerator body of the supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet, which is conducive to good ventilation of the refrigerator to ensure the cooling effect of the equipment.

8. The power supply of the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator must use an independent socket, the current capacity of the socket and the power cord should not be less than the number A specified by our company, and the socket must be reliably grounded;

9. The power supply of the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator generally uses 220V, 50HZ single-phase alternating current (some 380V), and the voltage range is 187-242V. When the voltage is unstable, please use a voltage stabilizer with more than five times the power;

10. The defrosting of the supermarket fresh-keeping refrigerator is automatically controlled by a microcomputer. The freezer will automatically stop running and enter the defrosting state (note: a slight increase in temperature during defrosting is normal), and the freezer will automatically perform cooling operation after defrosting.

11. In order to save electricity, the number of door openings should be reduced as much as possible, and the opening time should be shortened.

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