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Development Trend of Refrigeration Equipment in Food Field

Development Trend of Refrigeration Equipment in Food Field

1.Grow at a low rate and develop stably

In recent years, refrigeration equipment has been keeping growth at a relatively stable rate. The scale of refrigeration equipment is growing at a low level due to unfavorable factors such as economic growth slowdown, tight loans, and reduced project start-up. The total amount of refrigeration equipment presents a small amount of growth. But the growth rate tends to become stable.

2.The food processing has the largest application field

The proportion of refrigeration equipment in the field of food processing accounts for 48.3%. With the increase of cold chain demand, large cold storage projects such as logistics and food processing are constantly increasing, and the scale of refrigeration equipment in the field of food processing is continually rising.

3.The natural refrigerants are the final choice

Refrigeration equipment is a device that combines the refrigerator with the facilities using the cooling capacity. The design and construction of refrigeration device is to effectively use the cooling capacity to refrigerate food or other items; when the articles are cooled or frozen, a certain amount of heat should be released, and the enclosure structure of the refrigeration device will also release a certain amount of heat. Therefore, in order to maintain the low-temperature conditions in the refrigeration device, it is necessary to install a refrigerator to continuously remove the heat, or make use of the melting of ice or sublimation of dry ice to absorb the heat.

The basic developing direction of the cold chain logistics will continue to improve and the large-scale cold storage projects will be increased. Also, the improvement of people's life quality will also further promote the advanced treatment of food processing and the increase in the demand for cold train logistics.

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