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Do you know the difference between commercial freezer and domestic freezer?

Do you know the difference between commercial freezer and domestic freezer?

1. Appearance   

The volume of commercial refrigerators is generally much larger than that of household refrigerators and consumes more power. The appearance is relatively simple, the workmanship is simple and generous, and there is a large display space, with vertical and horizontal structures, air-cooled and direct-cooled refrigeration methods. Generally used in supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, KTVs, restaurants, etc. The volume of a household refrigerator is smaller than that of a freezer, it pays attention to heat preservation performance and energy consumption, and there is basically no display space. Naturally, it is more power-saving and has a more beautiful appearance, suitable for home use.  

2. Performance  

Catering equipment fridges require high performance. Because of their large capacity, they need to be used to store a lot of food in the business. Therefore, the requirements for cooling speed, cooling effect and stability are very high. For household refrigerators, it only needs to meet the requirements of keeping some bits and pieces of food that are usually bought back. The performance requirements are not high, and it only needs to be able to reach the refrigeration or freezing temperature.

3. Structure  

Commercial refrigerators have different functions according to different uses. There are refrigerators, freezers and vertical wind cabinets, horizontal wind cabinets and so on. According to different industry uses, the advantages of each freezer are different. For example, low-temperature milk cabinets need precise temperature control, freezers need deep freezing and quick freezing, convenience store vertical air cabinets require larger display space, and so on. The domestic refrigerator is composed of a freezer compartment and a fresh-keeping refrigerating compartment, which can be both refrigerated and frozen. It is used to keep food fresh in a short time, mostly in a vertical structure. The refrigerating room is also the fresh-keeping room, which can store fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, etc. Fresh meat, ice cream, etc. are placed in the freezer compartment.

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