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Do You Know the Secret of Keeping Commercial Cool Refrigerator from Clogging Up

Do You Know the Secret of Keeping Commercial Cool Refrigerator from Clogging Up

With the continuous improvement of living requirements, people have higher requirements for fresh food. There is also growing demand for commercial cool refrigerator. Commercial cool refrigerator, although good, can still cause serious problems after long term use. The top question should be the blockage of drain holes caused by the delayed discharge of defrosting water.

In the selection of commercial cool refrigerator should pay attention to the choice of large drainage hole cooler more easily drainage, which, at present, is generally too small on the market, so that silt is easy to jam, which affects the food safety in the cabinet.

Commercial cool refrigerator will leak more or less after being used for a period of time, which cause the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator is poor, the compressor does not stop, the condenser does not generate enough heat or no heat at all, and the running temperature of the compressor is too hot. These will greatly reduce the refrigeration effect of commercial cool refrigerator. If it is not found in time, there will be the harm of deterioration of goods, furthermore, will seriously damage the life of commercial cool refrigerator. Meanwhile, the low refrigeration effect of it will also increase the use of electricity and increase the loss.

Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd focuses on draining and upgrade the drain outlet to a super-large drainage funnel. The design of large-diameter drainage hole can prevent silt blockage and discharge defrosting water at one time, ensuring food safety in refrigerator. Moreover, the temperature fluctuation is small, and the refrigerator is less prone to freeze, which reduces the trouble of cargo handling and drainage, truly saying no to the blockage, and minimizing maintenance and management costs, so as to be worry-free.

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