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Does the freezer need to be closed in winter?

Does the freezer need to be closed in winter?

Winter is cold, the lowest outdoor temperature can reach 0 degrees later. So whether to open the BESTTOP freezer has become a very embarrassing existence, so winter to the Baunier freezer is not to turn off? For this question, experts say, winter if the freezer is out of use for its service life does have an impact. Because the freezer liner plastic at room temperature than in the low temperature is more prone to aging, if the continuous use of words, will slow down the aging phenomenon, that is, if the winter does not stop using the freezer will extend the service life of the freezer.

So if you stop using the BESTTOP freezer? BESTTOP freezer once stop using will lead to freezer idle unused Freon directly corrosive freezer pipes, resulting in freezer internal leakage, to repair extremely troublesome. From a professional hygiene point of view, the winter temperature is very low, but still not warm enough, the preservation effect is certainly not the freezer. And for that matter, the winter use of Baunier freezer consumption is extremely low probably only one-third of the summer. If you want to save a little electricity and let the freezer a big maintenance accident, it really is not worth the loss!


But everyone has everyone's choice, some people choose to use in winter, some people choose not to use in winter. So if you want to stop using BESTTOP freezer need to pay attention to what things?

BESTTOP freezer is not used when the door seal with paper or something else to pad it, to prevent the door seal and box stick. If you decide to have a long time are not used, then you can apply some lime powder on the door seal.

To unplug the BESTTOP freezer and take out everything from the freezer. If there is frost and ice inside the freezer to open the freezer door and let the frost and snow melt. Or de-icing action, do not use sharp tools when de-icing, easy to poke bad machine. Finally use a rag to wipe the freezer from inside to outside, remember, must not have water.


Some people think that the machine is not used for a long time, take a plastic bag to prevent a dust fall, this idea is wrong. Because there is a certain amount of water in the indoor air, if you put Bonnier freezer in a plastic bag, it will be difficult to evaporate the moisture absorbed by Bonnier freezer. What will be produced with water? Corrosion and damage to metal components, of course! If you want to prevent the freezer from getting dust, you can use a cotton cloth or tablecloth to spread on the top of the freezer, and clean the cover cloth regularly.


If you need to stop using Bonnier freezer for a long time, it is best to power on the freezer every once in a while, the time is better to control within a month, let the compressor normal operation half an hour to an hour after the relationship, so that the compressor to get warmed up so as to extend the service life.

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