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Does the freezer need to be dormant in winter?

Does the freezer need to be dormant in winter?

Can commercial freezers really be deactivated in winter? Due to the cold weather in winter, the temperature is lower, many businesses consider, should we stop using the freezer? Today take a look at the winter can not stop using the freezer.

Winter stop using the freezer will reduce the service life of the freezer. Because the plastic liner of the cooler at room temperature (after power failure) than in the low temperature when easy to aging, continuous use can slow down the aging phenomenon, relatively extended the life of the cooler.  

In addition, a winter so long not to use, cabinet idle for too long, Freon may corrode the cabinet tube and lead to leakage inside the freezer, it would be more than worth it.

Although the winter temperature is relatively low, but not stable enough, the winter freezer power consumption is only 1/3 of the summer, in order to save this electricity and lead to the failure of the freezer, will not be worth the loss. Then if you must stop using the freezer need to pay attention to what aspects?

(1) after the power is unplugged, and then the things in the freezer to take out. After melting frost with a clean rag to the electric supermarket cooler from inside to outside wipe clean.

(2) the thermostat adjustment placed on "0", so that the thermostat within the elasticity of the natural state, to extend its service life.

3) You can move the cooler vertically in parallel, try not to tilt it. If the conditions can be found in a ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

4) To maintain the freezer better, you can power it up once a month when it is out of use so that the compressor runs normally for half an hour to an hour before it is switched off to allow the compressor to warm up.

If you have the intention of letting the freezer go into hibernation in winter, then make sure you do a good job of maintenance and cleaning in advance so that the freezer can fight again in full force next year.

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