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Dual Temp Refrigerators

Dual Temp Refrigerators

Upright refrigerator: simple and stylish appearance, convenient and concise control mode, it matches the decoration style of high-end restaurant appropriately.

Refrigeration + freezing reasonable layout, storage of more ingredients

Details about dual temperature reach in

Dual temperature reach in is refrigerated and frozen separate freezer, the function is fixed.

Many commercial upright refrigerator uses dual temp control in kitchen.

Dual temperature reach in cabinet is two greenhouses, one side is refrigerated while freezing, which can be refrigerated and frozen at the same time. Variable temperature cabinet should be refrigerated and frozen conversion cabinet, which can only be refrigerated or frozen alone. Dual temperature double box is the meaning of two temperature two temperature zones, that is to say, one side is refrigerated while freezing, and the middle is separated. Single box variable temperature means that the freezer is only one space, but the temperature inside him is refrigerated freezing can be freely converted.

Parameter of Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combo


Cooling type


Cabinet Dimensions

Net Volume   (litres)









Refrigerator, Freezer





R134a, R404a

-2~+8, -12~-18


Features of dual temperature reach in

●Top professional commercial compressor, safe and reliable, long life

●Strong and rapid refrigeration, effectively guarantee the effect of food freezing and refrigeration, and ensure food quality

●Intelligent digital display, real-time reflection of equipment status

●Intelligent sensor detection to prevent damage to parts caused by abnormal system operation

●The door-opening fan stops running to avoid excessive cooling capacity loss and save energy

●Use 304 stainless steel material and NSF certified door seal to ensure food hygiene and safety

●The environmentally friendly insulation layer and refrigerant, environmental protection is recommended

●Adjustable height feet and casters to facilitate equipment installation and movement and ground cleaning

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