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Focus: Four Essential Elements to Buy the Commercial Cool Refrigerator

Focus: Four Essential Elements to Buy the Commercial Cool Refrigerator

Almost everyone has a refrigerator in their home, but at the same time more and more people are buying household and commercial cool refrigerators. As the electrical appliance with a high utilization rate that needs full-time operation, people should pay attention to at least four aspects when they choose and buy freezers (this article mainly introduces the commercial cool refrigerator).

1. The volume of the freezer

Generally speaking, manufacturers in countries such as China and Japan will design and produce the freezers according to the temperate and tropical climates, and the volume of the household freezer is normally "effective volume", meaning the actual volume of the space inside the freezer that can be used for storing articles. The volume of household refrigerators designed and produced in Europe and other countries is "reserve volume", including the volume of the evaporator, shelf and other capacity that cannot be used. That is, the actual "effective volume" is smaller than the "reserve volume" (typically 10-20% smaller). Pay attention to the differences in your purchase.

What's more, commonly the size of the freezer is in direct proportion to its capacity, namely when capacity is bigger, size is bigger. Therefore, when we are choosing freezer, the size also cannot be ignored. If the reserved space can not contain the freezer, things will be more troublesome. Special attention need be paid to the side-by-side combination freezer with a big size.

And actual demand should be taken into account to choose the freezer with a proper capacity. If capacity is too small, the freezer cannot contain too much food, and if capacity is too big, there will be a big empty room in the freeze, neither of which is advisable. Choose and buy the proper freezer according to your needs.

If you want to buy the commercial cool refrigerator, its working temperature should be at the most suitable temperature for food storage or preservation. The freezer is suitable for plant food, which can ensure that the juice contained in the food is below its freezing point and keep fresh state of food. A good commercial cool refrigerator not only ensures that the temperature of the fresh-keeping cabinet meets the requirements according to the standard, but also realizes rapid refrigeration by adopting special-shaped evaporator tube and matching the unit with appropriate cooling capacity. Some cheap commercial freezer, not only cannot do the basic functions of the freezer, but also let you spend a lot of efforts and financial resources in its maintenance and preservation, and thus the loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, in the face of a wide range of commercial freezers for sale in shopping malls, we should learn how to discriminate, choose and buy the cost-effective and suitable products.

2. The running noise

Too loud running noise of the machine may affect our daily life, so that low noise is also a point we need to pay attention to when we choose and buy the freezer. When you are checking the refrigeration performance of the freezer, a slight running sound in the compressor can be heard. While a low fan sound can be heard in the air-cooled freezer when the wind turbine is rotating. When you touch the box body of the freezer, you can have a slightly vibration feeling.

3. The appearance and accessory

Despite the standard that whether the machine should be in a beautiful and elegant shape, at least manufacturers should make sure that the box body and the door should be straight, the assembly should be firm, the box door must not be askew, its rotation shaft fit well with the clearance between the shaft pins, and there should be a flexible feeling in pushing and pulling the door. The knob of the temperature controller should rotate flexibly. The defrosting button should snap back to its original position after being released. Some cheap commercial freezers fail to satisfy these requirements which are very important to the freezers, so that we should pay special attention when we choose the commercial cool refrigerator. The color and luster of the surface coating on the freezer (painting or powder spraying) should be uniform and bright, without pitting, rusting, bruising or scratch marks. The electroplating part of the freezer should be bright and fine, and the coating should not fall off. The foaming solution shall not leak at the touching points of the door, box body and placket. The surface of liner and the inner layer of the freezer door should be flat, smooth and clean, and more attention should be paid to the place near the transition round corner. Therefore, in the face of a wide range of cheap commercial freezers for sale, we also should select out the freezer with a high performance by looking at its appearance.

After the freezer is bought back, we should pay attention to put the freezer in the right place. Generally it should be placed in the right place to avoid direct sunlight and the moist environment and be away from the heat source. And try to put it in the place where the air is circulating, and where there should be a certain amount of space around. Finally, take care to place the freezer on a smooth or solid floor to avoid increased vibration and noise.

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