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Frequent Food Safety Problems Trigger a Rapid Increase on the Demand of Refrigeration Equipment

Frequent Food Safety Problems Trigger a Rapid Increase on the Demand of Refrigeration Equipment

There are many reasons for the frequent occurrence of food safety problems. But the main reason is improper storage. There are many variable factors in the process of food transportation and storage, which will affect the quality of food, especially aquatic products, fish, and other chilled food. Thus, storage and transportation requirements will be higher. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the fresh and cold market, the demand for refrigeration equipment is increasing. The refrigeration equipment is playing an increasingly important role.

1. Effects of refrigeration on food safety

The cold chain industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has opened up an emerging market for refrigeration equipment. Cold chain refers to a special supply chain system in which perishable food is always in the low-temperature environment necessary for the product after the perishable food is purchased or fished from the producing area, in the product processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retail, and even in the hands of consumers, so as to ensure the food quality and safety, reduce the loss and prevent pollution.

2. The market segmentation has higher requirements for the refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is different from other products. It releases energy 24 hours a day. In the cycle of operation, it is very important to maintain the stability of the equipment. In addition to a strong R&D and production team, it is also necessary to provide customer training and service tracking for equipment usage. Refrigeration equipment enterprises should subdivide the safety levels into the industry and the enterprise itself, fulfill the "standard" and make the products more convincing.

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