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How about commercial refrigerators?

How about commercial refrigerators?

There are many types and uses of refrigerators. They are simply divided into household refrigerators and commercial refrigerators. These two types of refrigerators are similar in function but almost different in appearance. Household refrigerators are generally closed and have a relatively strong cooling effect, but commercial refrigerators are used for placing and selling food, so there are closed and open types. The cooling effect of commercial refrigerators is similar to that of households and its cooling range is comparable. wide. What should I pay attention to when using a commercial refrigerator?


Commercial cold boxes are a product of the market economy. With the development and growth of major beverage, ice cream, and quick-frozen food manufacturers, the market scale continues to expand, and product forms are gradually subdivided. Initially, incubators were generally used in the market to maintain the temperature of items. Later, with the advent of refrigerators, ordinary foam-door refrigerators were used to store beverages and ice products for sale in supermarkets and street stalls. The rapid development of fast-moving consumer goods has driven commercial use. With the development and launch of refrigerators, the market scale of commercial refrigerators is rapidly expanding due to more intuitive display, more professional storage temperature, and more convenient use.

Commercial refrigerator

1. Domestic refrigerators use AC 220V/50Hz power supply. If the power supply conditions do not meet the AC 220V/50Hz (187-242V), an automatic voltage stabilizer above 1000W must be installed for use.

2. An independent dedicated socket must be used and reliably grounded. The power cord of the freezer is equipped with a (grounded) plug that conforms to a standard three-wire (grounded) socket. Under any circumstances, never cut or remove the third pin (ground) of the power cord.

3. It is strictly forbidden to put flammable and explosive dangerous goods and strong corrosive acids and alkalis in the freezer.

4. If the power cord needs to be lengthened, the cross-sectional area of the lengthened cord shall not be less than 0.75mm2. If the power cord is damaged, a dedicated cord must be used, and contact the local after-sales service personnel of the refrigerator company to replace it.

5. Do not put food in the freezer that has just been connected to the power supply. After letting the freezer run for a period of time (about 3 hours in summer and about 2 hours in winter), put the frozen food in the cabinet for storage.

6. Clean the freezer regularly, and unplug the power plug before cleaning for safety. Regular dust removal of the heat exchanger in the engine room can improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

7. Commercial freezers that are mechanically defrosted should be defrosted regularly to avoid excessively thick frost and increase the energy consumption of the freezer. When defrosting, first transfer the goods in the cabinet, let it stand for a period of time until the frost layer has melted, and then remove it with the defrosting scoop equipped with the freezer. Do not use sharp objects to defrost with brute force to avoid damaging the inner wall of the freezer.

Commercial refrigerator for display

Because commercial refrigerators are used to store a large amount of food, you must pay special attention to them during use. If they are used improperly, they can easily cause a lot of food damage and waste money and food. Therefore, it is better to pay attention when using it. There are many types of commercial refrigerators, single-door and double-door; barrel-shaped and square-shaped, which can meet the various needs of customers.

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