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How Does Commercial Refrigeration Work?

How Does Commercial Refrigeration Work?

Customers in the frozen and refrigerated food processing industry, food trade, catering and consumer sectors have high requirements for the quality of frozen and refrigerated food. The field of frozen and refrigerated products requires a comprehensive technology and has different temperature requirements. Controlling the temperature of freezing and refrigeration can ensure the quality of food. The freezing and refrigeration chain closely connects food manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and the development potential of modern freezing and refrigeration technology is unlimited. Only through reasonable storage and transportation can the quality of the product be guaranteed. Keep reading to discover how modern commercial refrigeration systems work.


The Cooling Process

The task of the condenser is to discharge the high temperature from the compressor, and the superheated steam is cooled into a liquid refrigerant. The cooling process can generally be divided into 3 processes:

(1) The superheated steam is cooled to become dry saturated steam. Cooled by superheated steam at exhaust temperature to dry saturated steam at condensing temperature;

(2) The dry saturated vapor is cooled to a saturated liquid. Dry saturated vapor is condensed into saturated liquid at the condensation temperature tk. This process is the process of vapor condensing into liquid;

(3) The saturated liquid is further cooled into a supercooled liquid. Since the temperature of the cooling medium water or air is always lower than the condensation temperature, at the end of the condenser, the saturated liquid can generally be further cooled to make it a supercooled liquid .

The Refrigerant

Refrigerants are the key to the success of modern commercial refrigeration systems. In the past, Freon was the most common refrigerant in air conditioning units and refrigerators. However, it has been found that Freon will destroy the earth’s ozone layer, leading to increased solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface and global climate change. Currently, Freon is being phased out globally, and other refrigerants (such as tetrafluoroethane) are being replaced to continuously improve the efficiency and environmental protection of modern refrigeration systems.

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