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How does the fresh-keeping refrigeration lock the nutrition of food?

How does the fresh-keeping refrigeration lock the nutrition of food?

With the development of economy, the improvement of living standards, and the improvement of people's health awareness, the requirements for food are getting higher and higher. Not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy. How does the dazzling array of refrigerated and frozen goods in the supermarket freezer lock the nutrition and ensure the deliciousness of the food? The following is simple teaching how to lock the nutrition of the food in the freezer to maximize the shelf life of the food.


1. Temperature

Different foods require different temperatures. The preservation temperature of juice, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables is generally 2~8℃, which is suitable for storage in supermarket refrigerated cabinets or fruit and vegetable air curtain cabinets; the preservation temperature of cold meat is -2~2 ℃, the fresh meat cabinet can ensure the taste and nutrition of cold meat in a certain period of time; ice cream, quick-frozen food, frozen meat, and seafood are kept warm at around -18℃, suitable for storage in supermarket island cabinets and freezer cabinets middle.

2. Humidity

Everyone likes to buy watery fruits and vegetables. If fruits and vegetables are dehydrated, no one will care about it. The supermarket fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cabinet can keep a certain humidity and avoid separation.

3. Wind direction

Circulating air supply and multi-air outlets allow air-conditioning to be evenly distributed to every corner of the freezer to avoid uneven temperature in the freezer.

4. Gaseous

The products in the freezer, especially fruits and vegetables, release ethylene, which can ripen other fresh products. If the oxygen content in the freezer is too high, the food is prone to spoilage. Adjust the air reasonably to extend the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables.

5. Antibacterial

If the supermarket freezer does not pay attention to antibacterial, the freshly put goods may be contaminated by the bacteria in the freezer, and the deterioration will be accelerated. In severe conditions, the goods may cause health risks. Supermarket refrigerators must have a certain degree of antibacterial properties to prevent diseases from entering the mouth.

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