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How does the glass door freezer work?

How does the glass door freezer work?

Nowadays, in supermarkets, convenience stores and other places, you can see glass-door refrigerators. So what is the working principle of the glass door freezer? Why do so many people like to use glass door freezer?


The working principle and function of glass door freezer are similar to other freezers, but the design is more in line with actual needs. The inside of the glass door freezer is equipped with a refrigeration compressor, which can cool the air when it is energized and then use the movement of the fan to discharge it. However, since refrigeration requires a lot of energy, there are actually heat sinks behind or under the freezer to help maintain the temperature of the system. And some people have questions about why the freezer does not form frost, because the temperature inside the freezer is very high, and the normal temperature outside the freezer often has a temperature difference with the temperature inside the freezer. According to common sense, the inside of the freezer should be thick. Frost. But not only does the glass door freezer do not have it, but the glass door is also very clean and not easy to be contaminated with dust. This is due to the special defrosting equipment installed inside the freezer; the glass door used is also specially processed to prevent frosting.

The so-called defrosting equipment is to set up some heating coils on the surface of the freezer, these coils will periodically emit a certain amount of heat to dissolve the frost on the surface. And this kind of heat is strictly set, and its ability can only melt some frost, and can not affect the internal storage items, which means that even during the heating phase, the items stored in the freezer can be kept at a constant temperature. .

Moreover, a temperature sensor is installed in the glass door freezer. After people set the temperature of the freezer, once the system finds that the temperature is about to exceed the set temperature, it will start cooling, so that the temperature will not exceed the set temperature. In this way, the purpose of constant temperature can be achieved, so that the items can be better preserved, so that the items will not be affected by the temperature and deteriorate.

The glass door freezer has made more improvements in ergonomics. Consumers and customers can also easily take the goods. It can automatically close the door without interference from external forces and achieve a more power-saving effect. It is made of bright aluminum alloy. The appearance gives people a bright feeling.

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