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How long can fruit be kept in a fruit preserving display cabinet?

How long can fruit be kept in a fruit preserving display cabinet?

In fact, there is no certain period of time for fruit to be put into the fruit preservation display cabinet, but some fruit will be preserved for a long time at room temperature. Each kind of fruit preservation period is also different, and not every fruit can be put into the electric ice cabinet in the cold, some tropical fruit into the cabinet but easy to frostbite, so we will put the fruit into the cabinet must pay attention to is. Tropical fruit should not be put into the freezer, but kept at room temperature.

And can be put into the fruit fresh display cabinet of some fruit we better be able to eat as soon as possible to finish, do not take it as can be permanently fresh, that is not possible. And some fruits are not suitable for a long time refrigeration, such as watermelon up to two hours to refrigerate to eat, so for these we must be careful.

So that the fruit preservation display cabinet inside the fruit preservation time we can not be generalized, only through their own observation, such as found that the fruit does not look so fresh must be consumed in a timely manner to prevent deterioration. 

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