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How Long Does A Commercial Refrigerator Last?

How Long Does A Commercial Refrigerator Last?

Generally qualified refrigerators are designed to have a service life of no less than 15 years. The national standard stipulates that the safe service life of refrigerators is 10 years. Therefore, the service life of refrigerators in ordinary households is about 10 years. The service life of commercial refrigerators is lower than that of household refrigerators due to their frequent use.

The service life of a refrigerator is determined by its own brand quality and whether the user has properly maintained it. The power consumption of a refrigerator that has been used for ten years is almost two or three times that of a new refrigerator. At this time, it will be accompanied by loud noises, poor cooling effects, and even water leakage. Serious refrigerators will tremble during operation. Circumstances, such a refrigerator needs to be replaced with a new one.

Commercial refrigerators are much more intensive than domestic refrigerators, and maintenance must be strengthened to increase their service life. So, do you know how to maintain a commercial refrigerator?

Commercial refrigerators should be placed steadily: 

They should be more than 10 cm away from the wall, well ventilated, not exposed to strong sunlight or high temperature radiation, placed steadily, to prevent vibration, and placed according to the layout of the store.

Commercial refrigerators should not be overburdened: 

Don't put a lot of food in storage when the temperature is unstable. This will cause the refrigerator to be overloaded and the compressor will work for a long time, which will double the wear and tear, increase noise, and shorten the service life.

Commercial refrigerator cleaning: 

Unplug the power socket of the commercial refrigerator before cleaning, and then open the refrigerator door to let the frost in the refrigerator melt automatically. Use a coarse sponge dipped in trisodium phosphate to scrub the inside and outside of the refrigerator, and then dry it with a dry cloth or towel. Be careful when wiping the inside of the refrigerator. You must wipe it until it feels a bit rough to the touch. You don’t need to wipe the metal parts.

Defrost frequently: 

Don't open the door frequently, try to shorten the time of opening the door, so as not to enter the hot air and increase the workload of the compressor. In addition, it is necessary to defrost frequently. When the frost in the freezer reaches a certain thickness, it must be cleaned up immediately. The frost will hinder the heat transfer of the equipment and reduce the cooling efficiency of the freezer. Do not scrape the frost with a metal tool to avoid damage to the evaporator. Clean the dust on the compressor shell and condenser with a brush. The inclination of the freezer generally cannot exceed 45 degrees to prevent the condenser behind the box from being damaged by collision.

Don't use it intermittently: 

Commercial refrigerators cannot be switched on and off from time to time. The more times the refrigerator is started and stopped, the more times the refrigerator compressor motor is impacted, and the refrigeration system is prone to failure. If the freezer is left unused for a long time, the freezing system and the parts that need to be lubricated will dry and solidify, which will increase the friction between the parts. It will be difficult to start when it is used again, and the motor will be burned in severe cases.

Pay attention to the power failure: if there is an abnormal power failure, do not disconnect the power supply. When the power is received, do not turn on the power immediately. You should wait 5 minutes before turning it on again, so as to avoid forced start when the pressure in the refrigeration system is not yet balanced. It is easy to damage the machine parts.

Downtime of commercial refrigerators: 

Generally speaking, the downtime of commercial refrigerators for more than one month can be called a long-term downtime. Do not leave unpreservable items in the ice phase before the machine is shut down, such as food. After finishing the items, defrost the commercial refrigerator, and then wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a clean cloth. Before starting a commercial refrigerator, first open the refrigerator door to ventilate, and at the same time wipe the inside of the refrigerator again, and easily clean the dust on the condenser to facilitate the heat dissipation after the refrigerator is working. After cleaning, do not use it immediately, so that the commercial refrigerator will run for a short time, and stop for a period of time after every two or three minutes of operation. Repeat this several times. Newly purchased commercial refrigerators are often stored in the warehouse for a period of time. This method can also be used to maintain the commercial refrigerators during the first use to prevent the compressor from losing its life.

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