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How should onions be stored?

How should onions be stored?

Onion, one of the vegetables we often eat every day, is tender and juicy, can be eaten raw or as a home-cooked dish, contains a variety of nutrients, rich in two nutrients, selenium and quercetin, can prevent cancer; onion is also the only vegetable known to contain prostaglandin A, will produce lower blood pressure, increase blood flow in the coronary arteries, prevent thrombosis, maintain cardiovascular health; stimulate appetite, help It also stimulates appetite and aids digestion. However, onions stored for a long time are prone to decay, black spots, sprouting, etc. So how should onions be stored?

Commonly used onion storage methods are.

(1) hanging method: after harvesting the onion for drying without removing the onion leaves, to be dried and braided and then knotted into a bundle of bundles, and then dried until the onion head components dry branches and necks completely into leather after hanging them in storage, to maintain good ventilation and dry.

(2) pile storage method: generally choose in the high terrain, drainage convenient place, first lay a layer of straw wheat straw, and then mat two layers of reeds prepared into the mat -, and then talk about removing onion leaves onion head each other on the mat, and finally with reed mat will be surrounded also, and tied / tied with rope to prevent direct sunlight or rainwater infiltration.

(3) Cold storage method: the onion heads with the onion leaves removed and dried are stored in fresh storage. The low temperature of the cold storage can inhibit the respiration and physiological activity intensity of onion and reduce the physiological loss; it can also reduce the microbial activity and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms to reduce the occurrence of diseases and rotting, thus improving the product quality of onion and extending the storage cycle.

However, no matter which storage method is used, attention should be paid to prevent disease decay and sprouting of onions and keep them dry.

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