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How should the freezer carry out effective temperature control?

How should the freezer carry out effective temperature control?

The principle of the cold cabinet refrigeration compressor according to the narrowing of the coolant caused by changes in the state of matter, to do the actual effect of the cold cabinet to cold. Then how should the cooler carry out effective temperature control? The following side together to understand. But the freezer to suffer from the environmental factors, especially the temperature shift is very large summer and winter, environmental factors will directly affect the operation of the refrigerator.

Winter: in the winter freezing natural environment is relatively low, freezing very easy to reach the set temperature, if less than the set temperature, the start time is short caused by the refrigerator to cold role can not reach. Generally in winter, gear to play in 4 degrees above suitable, if the natural environment temperature is less than 16 degrees, can be adjusted to 5 files, less than 10 degrees, can play into the 6 or 7 files, can make all the normal operation of the freezer at the same time, the items stored will not be affected due to environmental factors.

Summer: because the natural environment temperature is too high, the cooler is difficult to lower a degree, the start time will be long and the shutdown time will be short, while causing the refrigeration compressor in the continuous high temperature under the long-term work, resulting in the destruction of the piston rod and cylinder, the electricity consumption will also rise, both uneconomical and unscientific. If you play in 2 or 3 gears, start time and shutdown time will be more and more balanced, environmental protection and energy saving at the same time, but also to reduce the damage and improve the use of the freezer period.

In addition, can also use ultra-low temperature compensation to adjust the temperature of the freezer, this equipment can be the freezer in the low temperature of the winter can also be normal work, the natural ambient temperature is less than 16 degrees must open ultra-low temperature compensation or ultra-low temperature transfer switch . In addition, you need to pay attention to the natural ambient temperature can not be less than 10 degrees, the temperature controller will be adjusted to a slightly stronger gear parts, the start of the time will also be elongated.

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