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How to adjust the temperature of commercial fridge in winter?

How to adjust the temperature of commercial fridge in winter?

1, winter temperature adjustment

Winter general gear to play to more than 4 gear applicable, the reason is: fresh cabinet only a freezer thermostat to control the temperature of refrigeration and freezing, because the refrigeration temperature technical requirements control between 0 ~ 10 ℃, and generally in the winter refrigeration environment is relatively low, refrigeration is easy to reach the set temperature, if the set temperature is too high, easy to produce fresh cabinet start time is short resulting in frozen refrigeration effect can not be achieved, and winter if The ambient temperature is low, mainly to ensure that the refrigeration effect of freezing. In general, if the ambient temperature is lower than 16 ℃, adjust to 5 files, lower than 10 ℃, you can adjust to 6 or 7 files. Sometimes due to the ambient temperature is too low, such as 0 ~ 5 ℃, the gear is adjusted low after the refrigeration freeze things, at this time, completely can put the food in the fresh cabinet external storage.


2, winter ambient temperature can not be too low

Fresh cabinet freezing temperature is through the refrigeration thermostat regulation and system matching to complete, if the ambient temperature is too low, refrigerated temperature on for a few minutes may stop, resulting in freezing temperature can not be reached. Sometimes the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature inside the refrigerated, the freshness cabinet will not start. Therefore, the supermarket freshness cabinet in general do not put in the environmental conditions below 5 ℃ use.

3, summer temperature adjustment

Fresh cabinet in the use of the process, its working time and power consumption by the ambient temperature is greatly affected, so we need to choose different gears to use in different seasons.

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