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How to Buy a Commercial Grade Fridge

How to Buy a Commercial Grade Fridge

The commercial grade fridge is an important part of kitchen equipment, which shoulders the responsibility of cold storage and freshness preservation of dishes. How should we choose and buy one correctly facing all kinds of commercial grade fridges on the market?


1. Look at the preservation effect

The main function of commercial grade fridge is to ensure the freshness of refrigerated food, so the effect of preservation is an important basis for purchasing. According to scientific analysis, in order to keep the food fresh, on the one hand, commercial grade fridges are required to have a constant temperature and strong "freezing power" inside; on the other hand, it is necessary to keep the air in commercial-grade fridges clean and fresh. Because only under the strong "freezing power", the purpose of food storage can be effectively realized. 


2. Selection according to the volume of commercial grade fridges

The refrigeration equipment that commonly used in hotels, dining-rooms, and restaurants are relatively large, and the volumes also vary from each other. The volume can be determined based on daily catering statistics as well as the flow of people, so as to maximize the value of the commercial grade fridges.

3. Selection according to the power consumption of commercial-grade fridges

Besides the factors such as quality and function, whether the electric equipment saves energy or not should be paid more attention in the choice and buy of modern electric equipment, which will not only reduce economic expenditure, but also ensure the endurance of electrical appliances, so it is wise to buy a commercial grade fridge with less power consumption. 

Relying on the development of science and technology, Hangzhou Cloud Ice commercial refrigeration ltd. constantly provides high-grade, environmentally friendly and practical products for customers. We will continue to improve the quality of commercial reach in fridge and put users first to make our customers fully experience the VIP service. Welcome to contact us for more details at any time.   

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