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How to choose a commercial freezer?

How to choose a commercial freezer?

Commercial refrigerators are an indispensable operating tool for many convenience stores, large stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels, especially in the hot summer, commercial refrigerators are even more indispensable. Therefore, it is very important to buy a good commercial freezer, so how should I choose when buying?

1. Appearance

With the change of consumption concept, the first thing customers look at when choosing a product is the appearance. Fashionable and good-looking refrigerators can attract the attention of consumers and bring good business to the store. Therefore, buying one is more design-oriented. A refrigerator with a more beautiful appearance is very important.

2. Insulation effect

In the production process of commercial grade uptight freezer, the thermal insulation performance of the insulation layer is not only an important quality indicator of commercial refrigerators, but also an important factor in the economical use of commercial refrigerators.

3. Uneven levels of refrigeration

Many commercial freezers use outdated cooling methods, resulting in completely different cooling effects in the box, resulting in false work. Under the same power consumption, some products are about to freeze and freeze, and some are as warm as ever. Overcooling and overheating will cause damage to the products and cause losses.

4. Energy consumption

Many people will mistakenly think that “the more power the freezer saves, the better”. In fact, this is not the case. Energy saving requires not only the improvement of the product’s own structure, but also the careful design and matching of the core component, the compressor unit. The consumption is certainly not the same.

5. Small capacity

The variety of goods in a store determines its attractiveness to customers. When a customer enters the store for consumption but cannot find what he wants, it affects his impression of the store. If the store’s freezer capacity is too small, only a limited number of items can be placed For such a hot-selling product, its sales will inevitably be affected, leading to a slow-moving situation.

6. Refrigeration method of freezer

The cooling method of the freezer is generally divided into direct cooling and air cooling.

Direct cooling is the direct cooling of the machine. The advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, the power consumption is not so large, the volume that can be used is also large, and the fresh-keeping and moisturizing function is good; the disadvantage is that it is very easy to form frost, and it is inconvenient to remove, and the cooling effect is uneven.

Air cooling uses air as a medium to bring in cold air. The advantage is that it is not easy to form frost, and the cooling effect is relatively uniform. The disadvantage is that if the food is directly put into the freezer to keep it fresh, it is easy to air dry and dehydrate. However, before storing food, wrapping a layer of plastic wrap on the surface can effectively solve the dehydration phenomenon.

Because commercial freezers need 24 hours of uninterrupted work, the number of opening and closing times per day is countless, and the requirements for food refrigeration are higher. These high requirements in various aspects determine the high requirements of commercial freezer parts and technology.

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