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How to choose a commercial refrigerator?

How to choose a commercial refrigerator?

Refrigerator is a very important kitchen equipment. It is not only necessary for people's daily life, but also indispensable for partners in the catering industry. For pizza people, the refrigerator can store many foods and food raw materials, such as vegetables and fruits, meat and meat products, mozzarella cheese, etc., and it is also a good place for pizza dough to be refrigerated and fermented.


However, when you purchase refrigerator equipment, you will be worried, because there are so many types of refrigerators on the market and there are many doorways inside, so you don't know how to buy suitable refrigerator equipment for a while.

For example, can household refrigerators be used in commercial places? Which is better, direct cooling or air cooling? What is the purchase ratio of refrigeration and freezing? Is a 2 door undercounter fridge better or a four-door refrigerator? Today, I will talk to you about how to choose a commercial refrigerator that is a must-have for a pizzeria.

Point 1

Household Refrigerators vs Commercial Refrigerators

Refrigerators can be divided into household refrigerators and commercial refrigerators according to the place of use. Household refrigerators are generally used at home, while commercial refrigerators are suitable for various commercial catering environments, such as western restaurants, bakeries, bakeries, steak houses, pizzerias, etc. .

Furthermore, commercial refrigerators are highly professional. They are generally made of stainless steel, which are resistant to high temperature, corrosion, abrasion, sturdiness and durability, and are sanitary and antibacterial. They are very different from household refrigerators, such as power consumption. , Capacity and volume, etc.

Point 2

Refrigerator vs Freezer

Refrigerators can be divided into refrigerated refrigerators and freezer refrigerators according to specific uses. Of course, there will be dual-temperature refrigerators (refrigeration + freezing). In pizzerias and other catering commercial establishments, refrigerators and freezers are necessary. The temperature of the refrigerator is generally 0-6℃, and the temperature of the freezer is generally -18℃, which is suitable for storing different ingredients.

In addition to the vertical side opening door, the freezer refrigerator can also choose the horizontal top opening door structure, which is also good for long-term preservation of frozen food raw materials. The price-performance ratio of the horizontal freezer is good, and it is more suitable for small and medium-sized stores to choose.

Point 3

Direct Cooling Refrigerator vs Air-cooled Refrigerator

Refrigerators can be divided into direct cooling refrigerators and air-cooled refrigerators according to the cooling mode. The production cost of direct cooling refrigerators is relatively low, the refrigeration principle is relatively simple, and the direct application of the evaporator to work, the effect of cold storage and preservation is more outstanding. However, direct cooling refrigerators are prone to frost and cannot automatically defrost. Manual defrosting is required after running for a period of time.

The production cost of air-cooled refrigerators will be slightly higher. Its biggest advantage is that the temperature control is more accurate, the temperature is uniform and constant, and it can automatically defrost during operation, and the food is stored fresher and cleaner, and it is not prone to odor.

In the case of limited procurement costs, you can choose an air-cooled refrigerator to store dough and various ingredients, while the freezer can choose a direct cooling mode, which consumes less power and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, in view of the advantages and disadvantages of air-cooled refrigerators and direct-cooled refrigerators, there are also some mixed-mode refrigerators on the market, such as the refrigerator compartment is a direct cooling type, and the freezer compartment is an air-cooled type.

Point 4

Two-door Refrigerator vs Multi-door Refrigerator

Refrigerators can be divided into single door, two doors, four doors, six doors, etc. according to the number of doors. With the increase of refrigerator doors, the interior of the refrigerator can be effectively partitioned (according to storage temperature, frequency of use, etc.), which can reduce the number of stored items. Mutual interference (such as odors) between each other can also help reduce air-conditioning leakage and improve the stability of the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

When choosing a pizza restaurant, our friends need to choose the number of refrigerator cabinet doors based on their actual conditions, such as store size, kitchen area, business model, menu items, etc., while meeting the needs of diversified operations, they must also Consider space utilization, ease of use, etc.

Reminder: For the friends who open a pizza restaurant, in addition to simple refrigerator equipment, you can also purchase a work bench refrigerator, that is, a stainless steel workbench/marble workbench with refrigeration and freezing functions, which can also help the kitchen. Some food ingredients have storage problems, and they are more convenient to use.

For catering commercial establishments, refrigerators work 24 hours a day, all year round, so the quality requirements of refrigerators are extremely important. Once the refrigerator fails, it will not only lead to waste of ingredients, but also directly affect the normal operation of the store, causing considerable economic losses.


Therefore, when purchasing equipment in the early stage of opening a store, you must choose commercial refrigerator equipment with good quality and stable performance. In addition, considering the after-sales service and post-maintenance of refrigerators, everyone still has to tend to choose well-known and high-reputation brands in the market.

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