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How to choose a display freezer in a convenience store?

How to choose a display freezer in a convenience store?

With the development of society and economy, the people's living water quality has been continuously improved. The service industry has also developed, among which convenience stores are a symbolic representative. Convenience store investment is small, and the state encourages individual industrial and commercial households, convenience stores are like bamboo shoots all over the streets and alleys.

Usually every convenience store will have one or more convenience store merchandise display freezers, which contain a variety of merchandise, including the hottest product sold in every convenience store-beverages.

So should convenience store owners choose the right display freezer? This issue is the most concerned issue of every convenience store owner.


Here are a few points for your reference:

1. Since convenience stores are self-employed and have relatively limited funds, they should purchase display freezers with relatively low prices and very high performance.

2. Convenience store owners usually do not sell much, and their profits are not high, so they should choose energy-saving display refrigerators.

3. Convenience stores generally open in urban villages and other villages with relatively high electricity consumption. The voltage is low during the peak period of electricity consumption at night. You should choose a display freezer that can automatically adjust the voltage.

4. Convenience stores are free shopping stores. In order to facilitate the purchase of customers, supermarkets generally use display cabinets to display goods. Supermarket display cabinets are open for sale, stylish, convenient, and have good display effects. They are especially suitable for display, cold storage and preservation. When you come to sell beverages, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc., customers can see it at a glance, so they should choose a glass display freezer.

5. Mange convenience store display cabinets use imported compressors with micro-porous air outlet, air-conditioning is evenly distributed, the temperature is more uniform, and the food is not air-dried. Natural air defrosting is used to reduce power consumption. Stainless steel is used in the cabinet, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, easy to use, and does not pollute food. Humanized design, you can choose any splicing (external unit) or single machine type (luxury, standard type can be selected at will), which increases the display of the product.

6. Attention should be paid to the arrangement of display cabinets, and the lighting of display cabinets in convenience stores should be adequate.

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