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How to choose a home ice machine?

How to choose a home ice machine?

In the hot summer, ice machines are indispensable, so how to buy home ice machines?

1. For ice production, you should first think about how much you need for ice. In many cases, the ice production of the ice maker will change with changes in the environment, especially in summer, when the ambient temperature is too high, it will prolong the time of each ice production, which is a problem that cannot be ignored.

2. Ice cubes: Cube ice is the absolute mainstream, but the price of cube ice ice maker is more expensive than round ice. Thin ice is suitable for side dishes, medium ice is suitable for smoothie drinks, and thick ice is suitable for beer and wine drinks. General household ice makers have an adjustable selection function for the size and thickness of the ice cubes.


3. Function: Many home ice machines are fully automatic. Just add some water manually, press the power button, then ignore it, wait for the ice full sound, and then make the ice cubes of specific shape. Simple and easy, convenient and fast.

4. Brand: The choice of the brand of ice maker. A good ice maker must not only have a good ice making effect, but also a stable component performance. Also serve comprehensive and cheap product accessories. How customers choose to keep their eyes open, you should need products with good quality and good service at an affordable price.

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