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How to choose a suitable supermarket freezer for a supermarket?

How to choose a suitable supermarket freezer for a supermarket?

For a supermarket, a supermarket freezer is a must-not-good equipment. A suitable supermarket freezer can not only improve the grade level of the supermarket, but also directly enrich the supermarket's product categories, bringing stable customers and tangible profits to the merchants. Therefore, choosing the right supermarket freezer is very important. The following Sanye Cold Chain analyzes the issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing supermarket refrigerators from the perspective of the manufacturer.

First, choose supermarket freezer products with different functions according to different product needs. For example, some products need to be kept fresh, some need to be refrigerated, and some products need to be frozen. Choose the right supermarket freezer products for different needs. For example, if vegetables and fruits need fresh-keeping function, you can choose vegetable fresh-keeping cabinet or fruit fresh-keeping cabinet. The fresh-keeping cabinet adopts microcomputer chip to realize automatic temperature control, energy-saving and power-saving, worry-free and intelligent, and can guarantee the fresh-keeping requirements of vegetables or fruits. For cooked food products, a dedicated cooked food cabinet is needed, which is beautiful and generous, and continues to keep the cooked food fresh; while cold fresh meat just needs a fresh meat cabinet with freezing and refrigeration functions, because fresh meat requires higher temperature, special fresh meat Only the cabinet can maintain low temperature and ensure that the fresh meat does not deteriorate.

Second, choose the right supermarket freezer products according to different cooling methods. There are generally three cooling methods, direct cooling, air cooling and both. Among them, direct cooling refrigerators are more power-efficient and cheaper than air-cooled. They have good fresh-keeping and heat preservation functions and large effective volume, but they have shortcomings. The temperature is not easy to be uniform, requiring frequent defrosting, and it is not convenient to use; air-cooled refrigerators The cooling speed is fast, which can make the product quickly reach the effect of refrigeration and preservation, and can automatically defrost. Relatively higher power consumption. Generally speaking, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; the third type, because of both, generally has fewer refrigerators of this type, and two The simultaneous use of these cooling methods will consume more power and cause the system to be less stable than a single system. Generally, it is only used in special demand occasions.

Third, when buying supermarket freezer products, quality is the most important, because the running time is relatively long, if the quality is not up to standard, it will be a headache to use. There are many aspects that affect quality. For example, the heart compressor of supermarket refrigerators. Relatively speaking, imported compressors are much more stable and durable than domestic ones. The materials and workmanship of the products are also very important, which is very important for refrigerators produced by small workshops. , Although the price is much cheaper, but the workmanship and materials do not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient air tightness of the refrigerator when in use, causing air-conditioning to leak, and the power consumption will be amazing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the energy-saving and low-consumption regular products produced by regular manufacturers, and the regular manufacturers have quality assurance and after-sales service will be perfect.

Fourth, there must be a complete after-sales service. Because of the long-term operation of the freezer, small problems will inevitably occur. At this time, it is very important to have a complete after-sales service. Regular manufacturers will have a good after-sales guarantee for their products, and generally can follow up the service for life, but ordinary small manufacturers can't do this. Another point is that the compressors, materials, and workmanship of regular manufacturers’ supermarket freezer products are guaranteed, so the probability of problems will be relatively small, while small manufacturers will have a greater probability of problems due to materials and production processes that are not easy to meet the standards. a lot of. Therefore, the products of small manufacturers, although the price is low, but the after-sales and maintenance costs are high; while the regular manufacturers will have a slightly higher ex-factory price, but they will save trouble and worry in the future.

Fifth, according to the decoration of the store, choose a style with a suitable decoration style, so that the overall store can be coordinated and complement each other.

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