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How to choose air-cooled or direct-cooled refrigerator?

How to choose air-cooled or direct-cooled refrigerator?

When buying a refrigerator, many people often don't know how to choose. At present, there are two main cooling methods for refrigerators on the market, namely direct cooling and air cooling. Air cooling and direct cooling have always been a hot topic in refrigerators. To put it simply, our traditional refrigerators are prone to frosting. This is because water vapor can't get out of the inner wall and stays on the inner wall. After the low temperature, it is easy to frost. The air-cooled refrigerator does not need to worry about such a situation at all, because its internal air circulation is relatively fast, and the temperature is stable, so it is not easy to form frost.

The air-cooled refrigerator has more fan air, so the temperature inside the refrigerator is relatively average, there is no big temperature change, and the cooling effect is naturally better. Since the air-cooled type has no electric fan, it will not generate additional noise and power consumption, and will not cause drying on the food surface due to blowing. Since air cooling is forced circulation of cold air, the cooling speed is fast and the temperature is well balanced. This is its inherent advantages, and direct cooling cannot be compared. Since direct cooling relies on natural convection, the temperature balance is relatively poor and the cooling rate is relatively low.

Manual defrosting with direct cooling is really troublesome. Usually we can only reduce the air flow in the door opening box to reduce frosting. Even so, defrosting is generally required for half a year. If the number of door openings is small, it can be extended, otherwise it can be shortened. If the door seal is not good or is aging, the frosting will also become serious. With the extension of use time, the number of defrosting will increase. The direct cooling freezer depends on natural convection, so the temperature balance is relatively poor, the cooling speed is relatively low, and the overall temperature is uneven. In fact, for the purchase of air-cooled refrigerators, you only need to consider three points. If the budget is not high, direct cooling is your choice. The complex structure of air-cooled refrigerators costs more than direct cooling. If it is selected based on space, air cooling is more reasonable in a large-volume refrigerator. Then there is the defrosting problem. If you don't want to defrost for about half a year, choose typhoon cold. There is no hesitation.


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